Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Places - Antwerp : THE SCHOOL OF LIFE

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If a cafe's baseline is "good ideas for everyday life", you can be sure it'll be good! BUT its not just a cafe - It actually is a school in a way. The School of Life is concerned with all the topics that you don't learn about at school, like love, family or career. They're not only located in Antwerp but have departments in cities all over the world such as London, Paris and Istanbul. They organise courses presenting ideas by a teacher or rising from the group and thereby translate philosophical ideas to everyday life. According to Alain de Botton, philosopher and co-founder of the project "everyone is the same everywhere - in a good way, a complicated way. There is a universal set of concerns that people have." Because of that school of life discusses questions such as :

How to Find a Job You Love
How to Worry Less about Money
How Necessary is a Relationship
How to Spend Time Alone
How to Have Better Conversations
How to Change the World
How to Fill the God-shaped Hole

They also have an amazing YouTube channel which you should definitely check out! (especially if you study philosophy)

Now besides these interesting courses and projects, School of Life os also a beautiful cafe in the "hip neighborhood" of Antwerp, only a 4 min walk from the Fashion Museum. They have beautifully designed merchandise and stationary as well as a fine selection of books - Find a sneak peak >HERE<

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The School of Life Antwerpen 
Muntstraat 2 B-2000 Antwerpen

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Pen & Paper Talents : Cote Delpiano Labra


Find Cote Delpiano 

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Delpianodibujos
Tumblr : http://thisplaceisazoo.tumblr.com/
Instagram : https://instagram.com/cote_cotanis/

Why do you draw/paint/Illustrate and when did you start?

I do it because it makes me happy, I enjoy illustration in general and it is something that I look forward to improve because I never get bored of it. I started to draw as soon as I could grab a pen with my tiny hands, My parents even put some kind of whiteboard on a door so I could draw and then erase and start again. I became more interested in developing my skills when I was around 15 but I started with portraits, which was fun but I couldn't develop my imagination and creativity because I was always basing my art on pictures. So I decided that I would start to create characters from scratch I started to draw boys and girls and lots of cats, and that's how I discovered that I wanted to illustrate, as well as getting inspiration, especially from picture books, animations and other illustrators.